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Padran Agile Devops

Our Approach

Our Approach

Padran Information Technologies Inc. provides unique and innovative services and training sessions which is all tailor made for each and every customer. We believe that if you want to achieve extreme level quality you need to take care of both technical aspects of the quality and complex dynamics of the human psychology. Otherwise chaos is inevitable. That is where Padran comes in and helps you to have continuous and permanent improvements that transform your people, processes and technology.

Our Story

Our Story

Padran was born in Istanbul in 2019 with the burning desire to help IT organisations genuinely so they can deliver better products faster and have a balanced working environment where employees are satisfied with what they do.

"Happy IT, happy end users."

Meet our Founder and Chief Consultant, Okan Cakmak

Our founder and Chief Consultant Okan Cakmak has implemented more than 100 continuous quality projects and has taught more than 1.000 software testing / quality experts world wide.

Okan Cakmak has helped numerous IT organizations from telco, banking, insurance and defence industry to have better software quality processes. He has 16+ years of hands on experience in Software Testing and Quality.

He has implemented test process improvement, quality assurance process improvement, test automation, performance testing, acceptance testing, application life cycle management, service virtualization, network virtualization, agile testing and devops transformation projects.

He is an official instructor for QAI (Quality Assurance Institute) Testing and Quality training, Micro Focus ADM Suite Products (ALM, Octane, UFT, LR, SV, NV) training and Open Source testing products (Selenium, Appium, SoapUI, JMeter, Gatling) training.

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